Cartier Drive De Cartier ‘Small Complication’ Gold Limited Edition Replica Watches UK

At SIHH 2016, Cartier announced the release of the Cartier fake Drive de Cartier line, exciting many watch enthusiasts with its relatively accessibly priced entry-level models. Well, I spent some time with a piece nearing the upper range of the line, other than the flying tourbillon model, the Cartier Drive de Cartier “Small Complication” watch in 18k pink gold. This watch lands on the “dressier” side of the Drive de Cartier line.
I’m not sure what the “Drive” designation was intended to do other than underscore the point that this is a new men’s watch from Cartier with some auto-inspired aesthetic motifs, but a lot of watches have far more head-scratching names. Anyway, it’s a watch I was anticipating for some time and was happy to enjoy its successful execution. It’s not the steel model that a lot of people got really excited about, but I was actually more curious to see this model which, at just around $20,000, faces tough competition from brands like Piaget, Rolex, and the like.

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First off, I want to discuss where the Drive de Cartier line stands in the larger scope of the Cartier replica watches UK brand itself. There was a lot of hubbub surrounding its launch, much of it inextricably tied to the aforementioned idea that this is a new watch from Cartier specifically marketed to men that starts at a hair above $6,000. Names like Cartier and Bulgari often get saddled with the perceived burden of also being high-end “fashion house” brands that also cater to women’s pieces, jewelry, and accessories. I’m not going to get into the debate much, but I find it a little ridiculous to eschew a brand for this reason.
Yes, Cartier has iconic watches like the Tank and Santos that are made for both men and women. However, many people see the Tank line as being too feminine, even though it was the watch of choice for JFK, and say the same for the Santos. While I totally disagree with this attitude, I suppose the fact that Cartier rose gold dial fake watches introduced the Drive line could mean that they identified this issue and addressed it which is more than you can say for initiative at a lot of brands.

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Personally, I don’t have any issue with a brand being identified with “unisex” watches. My girlfriend wears a ladies’ Santos and it hasn’t diminished or taken away from my personal love of the watch in a men’s version, but that’s me. I guess I can understand not wanting to “meet the parents” and finding out that you and your future mother-in-law both have a love of the Tank. Anyway, for those wanting a Cartier with just enough “macho” that comes from having a loose affiliation to automobiles, you’ve now got the Drive de Cartier to try on.

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